Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm so sorry *grins*

I know all you perverts out there are waiting for the new erotic story to be published. Bad, bad editor - but I'm going to blame Google and Blogger for this ;)

You have all no doubt read about Google's/Blogger's decision and change of mind where all the porn blogs would be made private - effectively killing them. Did I initially panic? Hell yes...being a blond, constantly worried about my ego and status this was one of the worse announcements possible... So I made the decision to migrate my blog from here to basically anywhere they would accept our little perverted view on the pixel world.

Anyways - more important, what about this weeks erotic story? Well... that's where my previous complaining gets relevant - I did finish the story, but haven't gotten around to finish the pictures to go with it... and let me tell you the story is hot! But I was so busy panicking and trying to move this blog that I didn't  find time to shoot the pictures. They will be here soon and so will the new blog address - yes despite Blogger changing their mind I will move this web magazine to a new address.

For now tho... business as usual and I will make you sure you'll all notice when we are moving - things are looking great already, that much I can tell you!

remember! it's all just fun and pixels!

even if you're,
 Thorgal McGillivary

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