VIE Femme's 2014

VIE's Femme - these are the women we turn our heads for... a league of their own. Gorgeous, luscious, the ones all us men want... and they are the center of attention in VIE Femme photo-shoots... our very own playmates.. pets... but classier ;)

On this page you'll find them all... our very own archive of awesome in 2014!

Week 41 / 42: Ayara Illios

This is the premiere of the VIE's Femme, the first ever so we had to make sure it was someone special... Virtual Immaturity Entertainment proudly presented it's first VIE Femme ever.

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Week 43 / 44: Miss Emily

Her being the second ever VIE's Femme in history we couldn't have been more happy. If there was ever a model simply born to wear the VIE's Femme title then she is it.

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Week 45 / 46: Serenity Kristan-Faulds

Sexiest Award 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, successful blogger/writer on what's probably the most popular SL adult blog around, producer and actress of several very erotic and successful movies... need I go on?

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Week 47 / 48: Spirit Eleonora

She is the partner of the incorrigible Hard Rust and somehow we suspect it is not Hard who's calling the shots inside the alley... euhm.. I mean around the house. Nuff said right? Another gorgeous woman in SL who has something unique going for her...

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Week 49 / 50: Lexie Jansma

She's the owner of Siren Productions the creators of the SeXXX Sells event, the Jewelry & Accessories Expo, Menswear Fashion Week, The 24 Events, and Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week. Another gorgeous as well as remarkable woman of Second Life...

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Week 51 / 52: Alina Graf

The very last VIE Femme of 2014 is an established and well-known naughty furniture creator and animator. A very special last VIE Femme indeed!

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